March 1, 2023
Monopoly #16 – Amazon’s Empire
A former Amazon VP speaks out
Arshy Mann
Host & Producer, COMMONS
Jordan Cornish
Producer, COMMONS
Noor Azrieh
Associate Producer
Annette Ejiofor
Managing Editor, Podcasts

The Big Tech companies have ushered in a new era of global monopoly. And the most influential, the most powerful of all of them, is Amazon.

In this episode, we focus in on two of the fundamental pillars of Amazon’s dominance: its online marketplace and its cloud computing arm.

And a former Amazon VP speaks out.


Featured in this episode: Matt Stoller, Brad Stone (Bloomberg), Dana Mattioli (Wall Street Journal), Tim Bray


To learn more:

Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire by Brad Stone

“Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie” in BIG by Matt Stoller

“Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products” in The Wall Street Journal by Dana Mattioli

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